Do these things when no one repays the borrowed money easily

Love is like a loan. People take it but forget to give it… !!

Yes, love is loan, even in real life it must have happened to you and us that a friend took a loan but did not return it. And no one returns the money given to anyone quickly. He has to push hard to get his money back.

If you give money to a special friend, then the risk of both friendship and money increases. In such a situation, the big question is how to take back the money given to someone.

The best way to keep reminding yourself of money is to keep reminding your acquaintances or friends that you have given money back. If the moneylender has given you the day and time, then whatever it is, you must reach him at that time.

After doing all this, if money still does not come in handy, then take these 5 steps, it will help you. Usually financial experts give almost the same advice.


No. 1 Understand the situation of the borrower

If the loan given is not available on time, then find out the reason for not repaying the money on time from the person in front. Try that your friend is not really in any financial problem. If so, understand his problem, once you understand the situation, you must give him a little more time to repay the money.

Number 2 

Count your compulsion for money

Talk face to face with the person taking the money or meeting him. Be sure to show a document to your friend to prove that you really need the money.

number 3 

Give option to repay the loan

You can also offer to return your money in installments. You can also take a post date check from him. In normal cases, it is seen that people return the money in such situations.

Number 4

Include your friends and family

Even after this, if you do not get the loan back, you should use social media. Ask friends and relatives for re-payment. Also give such proofs to prove that your money is not being returned even after giving time again and again. Remember to take this step only when you are in dire need of money, as it can break your friendship or relationship.

number 5 

Look for the legal option

If you do not get the money even after this, know that the person in front is not in the mood to give you the money back, so you can look for a legal option as a last resort.

But keep in mind that if you are going to do this, your friendship will be broken and money will be spent, so it is better to do any work thoughtfully and do not let things get worse.