Girl is not responding your message ?

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Hello friends ! We are then present for you with a new information. Friends, it is very difficult to read the nature of girls.

Friends, if you mess up a girl, then if she does not need to talk to you, she will not reply to you. Due to not receiving reply, you will be able to send messages again and again. This will not benefit you, but girls become disturbed by this habit of boys. It is better than this that you have learned how to prepare the girl yourself for the message and she will be interested in you. So let’s know about this topic in today’s article …

One message after another is often used in boys. They feel that you can tell them how often you care for them by repeated messages. But in reality, girls get disturbed by this and your image gets worse in front of them. That’s why it is better that you do not mess around them and give a little space between the messages.

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Wait till their message

If you want to know how to persuade a girl to message, then wait for her to make a message. If she first messes you, then it means that she wants to talk to you.

Start things from a question

You will not be able to impress any girl with ‘Hi-Hello’ and if she is busy, then she will not answer your message anyway. It is better therefore that you force them to answer any questions. Ask an interesting question so that they can send you back.

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