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It’s very easy to urge into the business.


Because you don’t got to own a product.

In fact, all you’ve gotta do is to assist sell products created by people .

How are you able to do this?


By promoting affiliate links provided by the merchandise owner (advertiser), which you share online.

For every action that happens (sale, subscription, install, etc) the advertiser will reward you for delivering a cool customer.

Advertisers are the owners of the offer’s content.

In the specific area of mobile affiliate marketing, they have a tendency to be VAS companies, app developers, product owners, etc.

They’re trying to find users to accumulate their product, which is why they have to advertise it.

These guys can’t place advertisements everywhere the web by themselves.

That’s the rationale why they trust a good range of publishers to manage the ads and convey high-quality traffic to the offers.


Some have an interest in only getting mobile affiliate marketing leads.

What does this mean?

A lead represents a possible future client.

The user only must insert some info about them for the advertiser to sell them their products within the future.

This can be done by submitting an email address or filling a form, for instance .

There are other advertisers who don’t care about leads.

They care about actual conversions in real time.

Here are some samples of this:

Subscribing to a service

Buying a product

Installing an app

In any case, all advertisers wanna get high-quality clients that are consistently ready to buy services.

Affiliate Programs

This is a very important a part of the affiliate marketing world.

It’s helping demand and provide meet one another within the best way possible within the realm of mobile affiliate marketing.

Affiliate programs are often directly controlled by the advertiser.

A very well-known case of an advertiser-owned affiliate program is that the one that made the model famous over 20 years ago:


In this sort of affiliate programs, affiliates are directly connected to the advertiser, who is that the person that’s providing the affiliate links.

Then, for every purchase performed using those links, the affiliate who’s responsible will receive a commission.

Another sort of affiliate program consists of affiliate networks, like Mobidea.

What do affiliate networks do?

They aggregate thousands of offers in only one place.

This is good for advertisers.

They can hook up with one entity if they need to.

Then, the network are going to be the one making the offer available to many affiliates.

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Affiliate networks also are super advantageous to affiliates, since they will find everything they have in one spot.

Feel like this will be your thing?

Feel like you’ll explore mobile affiliate marketing?

Start checking out related articles online, perform your own tests, check some online affiliate marketing communities, and find out how to convert potential profit in money stacks that pile so high you’ll never be ready to understand the particular amount of money you’ve got lying around!

This industry has four main players:

The advertiser: they’ll represent a brand, a selected service or they will simply own different sorts of offers

The network: it aggregates the offers that affiliates will then check and choose . It also takes care of payments

The publisher or affiliate: they use offers to monetize traffic

The user: an individual who’s subscribing to offers or the other action connected with the offer

The market has grown.

This means that second level entities like advertising agencies and third-party vendors have began to appear.

How is it Different from Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing are often twofold:

Users can either check ads on mobile or desktop.

With the expansion of mobile users everywhere the planet , Mobile Affiliate Marketing has truly become the foremost important money-maker of the affiliate industry when it involves traffic volume, whereas desktop has been losing its relevance.

After all, with the planet moving forward to more dynamic trends, it’s only natural that the user’s needs also become more mobile.

Besides that, and since we’re talking about Affiliate Marketing, you want to understand that there’s a difference between Mobile and Desktop.


In mobile affiliate marketing, the most difference is that the incontrovertible fact that the most market regulators are the Carrier Operators – when it involves carrier billing offers (you’ll only have this sort of offers for mobile devices.)

They are those that provide mobile data to the users.

Therefore, they’re those that decide what are often promoted and the way .

They have a relationship with both the users and therefore the VAS companies, allowing them to possess control over mobile marketing.


Considering this market runs on mobile devices, there must be a special thanks to charge the user for the acquisition of the product/service offered.

Therefore, and bearing in mind the very fact that the Carrier Operators are those that rule the market, the user are going to be charged the value of the product/service through their mobile bill.

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