Windows 10

Their are many method for how install windows 10 on your PC.

  •  Upgrade your PC from windows 7/8/8.1
  •  Using windows media creation toolbar
  •  Using iso file
  •  Reinstall windows 10 on a PC which have already installed windows 10

Here i am talking about how to install windows 10 using windows media creation toolbar.

Install Windows 10 with media creation toolbar:

you can use windows media creation toolbar for

  • Install windows 10 without product key
  • Install windows 10 with product key

Download Microsoft’s windows 10 media creation toolbar.

The classic method for installing clean windows 10 on you PC is that create installation media by download windows 10 media creation toolbar from Microsoft. Follow the step given below.

Step 1: Download media creation toolbar

Download windows 10 media creation toolbar. Click here to go windows 10 download page.

on that page click on download tool now.

Step 2: Select What do you want to do?

After downloading media creation toolbar run it.

If you have already licensed windows 7/8/8.1 then you can update it to windows 10. just click on upgrade this PC now and follow the given instruction to update window 10. Media creation toolbar automatic download windows 10 installation file and start installation.

If you don’t want to upgrade, don’t worry you can also create installation media for clean installation of windows 10 just select below option that shows create installation media for another PC. 

Step 3: select language, architecture and edition

After selecting create installation media for another PC, Click on next button. On the next screen select windows language, Edition and architecture for your windows 10. If your PC’s CPU run on 32 bit you probably want 32 bit windows OS similarly if your PC’s CPU run on 64 bit you can go with 64 bit OS. You can check what type of CPU on your PC has if you don’t know then search on web and get details.

If you want install windows 10 on current PC then i suggest that click on use the recommended options for this PC to download correct version for your PC.


Step 4: choose which media to use

The media creation tool will allow you to copy windows 10 installation files to burn them on DVD or on USB flash drive. If you choose USB flash drive, it must be more then 4 GB in size and remember that all the previous data on USB will be deleted.

Step 5: Change boot option

Once you create installation media insert it into PC on you want to install windows and restart your PC. When PC’s manufacturer logo come press F12 or F2 or delete button to change boot option. Select boot from USB/DVD. Key may be different for different computer. If this is not working you may require change boot order of your PC’s BIOS

Step 6: 

After changing boot order you can see the windows setup screen, on windows setup screen select language, time and currency format and input method and the hit next.

Step 7: Activate windows 10

Next screen you can see “Install now” option. Click on it, on the next screen you see activation windows. If you have activation key then enter it. If you don’t have it then skip activation. For skip activation select i don’t have a product key.

Step 8: Select which type of installation do you want to install windows 10

when you reach which type of installation do you want? you can select custom: install windows only option for install clean windows. It will erase everything from installation drive. If change your mind and want to just upgrade just click on upgrade: install windows and keep files, settings and applications.

Step 9: Select where do you want to install windows 10

On the next screen select drive/partition. Once you select drive delete it. When you delete drive/partition you will lose all the data and files from it. So make sure that you backup all important data from it.

After erasing drive/partition you have large part of Unallocated space, Select that and hit on new. Once it is formatted and drive is ready for installation click on next.

windows 10 will automatic install. It may be restart several time during installation. Once it is done you will need to enter normal setup information to setting up windows 10. Now you can enjoy windows 10 with new feature.

Install windows 10 with product key:

If you have windows 10 product key then enter your product key in step 7.