If your phone’s battery does not run much, then do this setting

Everybody now uses smartphones instead of mobile phones. Although smartphones have more features than normal phones, but no solution has yet been found regarding their battery life. Due to multifunction, their battery runs out quickly, which keeps users worried. But there is no need to worry because we are telling you about such settings by which you can save your smartphone battery from running out quickly.

Screen timeout
Setting the screen timeout in the smartphone means that you are not using your handset. Upon making this setting, the handset’s screen automatically locks. If you do this setting in the phone, then your phone battery will not drain quickly. You can select in it yourself that the vocabulary should be turned off after seconds / minutes.

Keep GPS Off
Nowadays GPS is being used more. The location can be detected from this. If you do not use GPS, then you offer it. Due to its continuous on, it costs more than the battery of the phone.

Power saving modes
Now in most of the smartphones, the power saving mode option has started defaulting if your phone does not have the option. However, if your phone does not have this feature, download it from the Google Play Store and keep it on forever.

Original charger

When we go out somewhere, we forget to take our Charger with us, in such a situation, we charge our phone with another Charger, which ends the battery life of our phone very soon. Keep in mind that you should never charge your Smartphone with Duplicate Charger or any other Mobile Charger. Charging Point of the Mobile gets deteriorated when Charging with Duplicate Charger, and the battery soon deteriorates.

Do not use Fast Charger

In today’s time, you will find many such Fast Chargers that will make your Smartphone Full Charge in some time, but users forget that this can ruin the battery of your Smartphone, so as much as possible with such Charger Try to save your Smartphone.

Do not leave Charge at night

Being a person has made it a habit that when he sleeps at night, he leaves the phone on Charging, which keeps the phone charging all night, whereas it is better to charge the Smartphone continuously for at least 2 or 3 hours. It is, if you also leave your phone on the Charge overnight, then change this habit now so that the battery life of your Smartphone can last longer.

Avoid Full Charging

Your Smartphone should not charge 100%, this reduces your battery life, the phone should be charged up to 80% only after which the phone starts heating up and its effect on the battery’s capacity.