Trick to double mobile sound

In today’s time, we are all aware of the important role that smartphones play in the life of every human being. And in today’s time, people are taking these smartphones not just for the needs but also as a trend. People are also getting more attracted towards these smartphones because along with the works, they have also become a good means of entertainment.

But with the increasing technology, in today’s time the list of Android Smartphone is at the top today. Due to the great features of Android platform, people are getting attracted to these smartphones. Today you can work in these smartphones and can entertain yourself.

Today with the increasing technology, due to these smart phones, we can listen to music on these and also watch movies and videos. But among all these tasks, the most problem comes from the volume of smartphones.

Smartphones are giving us everything from good screens to good features, but the problem of volumes in these smartphones continues. Many people are worried about the problem related to the volume of the smartphone, so today we have come up with a solution to these problems.

After this method mentioned by us, now no smartphone user needs to worry about the problems related to the volume of the phone, because after the method we are going to tell you today, the volume of the smartphone will increase twice.

So let us tell you in detail about this Volume Increase trick:

  • To increase the volume of your mobile phone, you must first download and install an app from Google’s Play Store.
  • The name of this app is Speaker Boost which you will get for free at playstore.
  • Now when you accept all permissions then you will be able to open the app.
  • After this you will have the option of Boost Control Panel. With the help of this you can increase the volume.
  • Remember that never do full volume in one go or else the speaker can also stop working. You have to increase it a little bit.
  • Now after this you will get a lot of Warning messages, which you just have to accept by Yes.
  • You will be able to increase the volume of your phone only when you complete the options for the volume given in this app. But it is also very important to follow the Warning messages that have come in the midst of all this. Its body whenever you can increase the volume of your phone very easily.
  • You can do this through the option of Volume Boost Control Panel. In this way, we can increase the volume of our Smartphone in a very simple way.