Male to Female Voice Changer Apps of 2020

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What will happen if your voice will sound like a female? It sounds funny and good. So why not to try these male to female voice changer apps.

Do you wanna to Sound like a girl or female?

It is now possible to change your voice into a female by using some apps. Hello guys sometimes we want to make prank of our friends or someone else but not want to reveal our voice. So why don’t you talk like a girl. So here in this article we are going to discuss all the best realistic voice changing apps for both android and iPhone.

By using these apps you will be able to change your male voice into female during call. Let’s see those apps –

Male and Female Voice Changer Apps for Android and iOS

1 – Magic Call

Magic call a voice changing app – experience amazing voice quality you have never heard before. Change your voice in real time and make fun of your friends. It is one of the best call voice changer app male to female.

Key features

Real time voice changing during the call with different different voice options( female voice changer, kids voice changer, cartoon voice changer etc.)
Earn credit when on your 1st registration.
Test voice before call.
Cheap and easy way of making a funny call.
Play sounds like kiss, smooching, clap, emotions and many more like a girl.
Switch voices during the call(male – female, kid – male, – female – kid).

Voice changing options

Change male voice to female
Female voice to male
Cartoon voice
Normal voice option

How to make a call with Magic Call App

Select voice option – Male, girl, cartoon, kid etc.
Or you can also select the background voice option like – birthday, traffic, party, music concert etc.
Dial a number
Start your magic call
Once the call is connected the app will convert your voice into female, kid, male, cartoon, etc.

Change your voice during call, download this voice changer calling app today.

2- Voice changer With effects

One of the best voice changer apps having downloads of more than 50+ millions on google play store. Change your voice and listen to your modified voice and have fun with your friends.

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Key features

More than 50 voice effects(Robot, backwards, zombie, alien, traffic etc.)
Change voice in real time.

3 – Voice changer and Sound Recorder

Fabulous voice changer app is coming to you. It is a live call voice changer app for the iphone.  Remove your traditional boring recorder. It’s time to change your voice with the superior voice changer and sound recorder app. Record your voice and apply special effects to your recorded voice.

Apply effects like girl, man, women, turtle, rabbit etc.

You can also add background sounds like fan, echo, traffic, wind, monstrous, haunting etc.

Key features

Real Time voice recording
A large variety of sound effects
Easy to edit your recorded voice
Share instantly with your friends
Inbuilt fabulous effects which allows you to change voice directly.

4 – Girls voice changer

This app helps you to change your voice into various other versions of girls tones like a baby girl, adult girl, married girl etc. This app is perfect for making fun when you are with your friend group or at a party.

Simply record your voice using Girls voice changer app and listen to it and analyse how you sound in a girl voice. Recorded voice can be saved for later use.

Key features

Small baby voice
Young lady
Small girl voice
Old women
Realistic girl voice
Adult girl voice changer
High pitch toned girl
Low pitch girl toned girl.

5 Voice changer Sound effects

Another best voice changer app. It is fast, easy to use and a convenient application for changing voice. Record your voice now and listen to it, have some fun! Record voice and apply cool effects and share it with your friends.

Key features

Cool voice effects – helium, hexafluoride, fast, slow, cave, echo, alien, big sound etc.
Record and change any voice directly
Import song, sound or any other audio file and add effects and change them
Save, share and set as your ringtone
Good voice quality(lossless)
Use custom sound effects.

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