Start your girlfriend’s whatsApp in your phone

Many of you may think that what his girlfriend does in his phone, no matter what I do. Or if you want to spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend So this news is for you. In this news, I will tell you how your boyfriend or girlfriend’s whatsApp can open in your phone.

Follow the below step for open someone’s WhatsApp in your phone.

(1) Use WhatsApp using chrome.

Step 1 : Open Chrome in your mobile and search for whatsapp web.

Step 2 : After open the Whatsapp web page you will see page as i shown below.

how to use whatsapp web

Step 3 : click on three dots on top right corner as i shown in above image with red box. After that click on Desktop site as i shown in below image.

whatsapp web

Step 4 : After click on desktop site you will be able to see one code shows in right side as i shown in below image.

Step 5 : Once you will be able to see the code. After that, take your boyfriend or girlfriend for mobile for five secs. After that you have to open his WhatsApp and click on three dots that show the right side. In the menu you will be seeing something like whatsapp web option. click on whatsapp web .

Step 6 : After that you have to click the green option that shows “LINK A DEVICE”. After that camera will open. With that camera you have to scan the bar code that appears in your phone.

After that you just got done Now you make good spy of your beloved girlfriend/boyfriend.

(2) Using Application

In play store you can find many application for start someones whatsapp in your phone using QR code. This application generate a QR code, using this QR code you can access the victim’s whatsapp.

You can use below link for download application from play store.

(1) Whatscan : QR Scan Pro – Click Here to Download

(2) Whatscan for whatsapp web – Click Here to Download

Open the application after download, you can see QR code.

Now scan QR code in victim’s phone, After scan QR code you will automatically get access to victims whatsapp on your phone.